Summer English language camp for secondary school students from Kumanovo

In the period from June 30 to  July 3, 2019, students from the secondary school “Pero Nakov” in Kumanovo participated in an educational summer camp in Struga, as part of the activities within the Access program.

During the camp, the secondary school students enriched their knowledge of the American culture and history and through sports and other fun activities they acquired teamwork skills. Learning about the democratic values of the United States, the young people participated in a series of creative workshops dedicated on debate, critical thinking and argumentative speaking.

The students also visited the American Corner in Struga where they discussed the significance of the United States Independence Day, which is celebrated on 4 July each year. The evenings were filled with socializing and entertainment – the young people developed their creativity through fine arts activities, as well as through the preparation of musical and dance performances.

What I liked the most at the camp were the sports games, the visit to the American Corner and the finals of the debate tournament. I really enjoyed the time spent with my classmates, because friendship is one of the most important things in life“, one of the camp participants said.

Furthermore, during the school year, the participants in the Access program regularly attend informal English classes and activities for strengthening teamwork, which are held several times a month. The goal of the English Access Microscholarship Program is for students to gain an excellent English language knowledge, which can provide them with better jobs, educational opportunities and the opportunity to participate and apply for future exchanges and studies in the United States.

This activity is part of the English Access Microscholarship Program financed by the U.S. Embassy in North Macedonia.