Institutional Development Grant Project

Project Goal:
MCEC has increased its own capacity strengths through provided supplemental support for its long-term development needs. This goal will contribute in providing tolls for MCEC continuous institutional growth and continued quality support for development of educational stakeholders’ capacity and quality of Macedonian education system.

Project Strategic Objectives:
Objective 1:
Strengthen MCEC institutional capacity through effective planning to support MCEC future pace.

Objective 2:
MCEC ensures that its high quality services and operations are recognized widely through identifiable branding.

Start Date: 1 January 2006 / Completion Date:  15 September 2007

Funding: Center for Institutional Development (CIRa) funded by USAID through Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC)

Project Summary:
The ID grant helped MCEC to invest in activities to build long-term sustainability through organizational strengthening interventions including: Strategic Planning, improving Organizational Policies, publishing Annual Report and improving MCEC Outreach efforts through developing Effective Branding.