Governance and staff

MCEC has clearly defined organizational structure and strong managerial, team building and communication skills. The organization is structured according the statute regulations, having General Assembly, Executive Board and Executive Office (executive director, program managers, finance and office manager, program and administrative assistants). MCEC works under Macedonian law regulations, MCEC Statute and other internal regulations and procedures defined with the office, finance, human resources, procurement, and assets inventory policies.

The General Assembly is represented by the members of the organization. The Assembly adopts the Statute of MCEC and make amendments thereof; appoints and resolve members of the Executive Board; adopts program orientation; adopts financial plan and final annual accounts; confirms the admission of new members and termination of membership; performs other activities that stem from the Statute and the pertinent legislation.

The Executive Board of the MCEC is an executive body of the Assembly, where each member has equal rights, duties and responsibilities in the work and development of the MCEC in accordance with the Statute. The Executive Board has the following duties: implement the statutory and program tasks; adopt and realize the annual operational program; adopt regulations for operation of the MCEC executive office; control the implementation of provisions of this Statute and control the disposal of assets and revenues; perform other activities that stem from the Statute and pertinent legislation.

Currently MCEC Executive Office hasĀ 23 full time employees:

Name Position E-mail
1 Loreta Georgieva Executive Director
2 Nebojsa Mojsoski Programming Director
3 Vladimir Petreski Finance Manager
4 Besnik Ramadani Project Manager
5 Anica Aleksova Project Specialist
6 Bojan Dimeski Project Coordinator
7 Besa Reci Project Coordinator
8 Liri Starova Project Coordinator
9 Xhevahire Pruthi Zajazi Project Coordinator
10 Igor Cvetanovski Office Manager
11 Ilija Ilievski Admin Assistant
12 Sandra Anastasovska Kuzmanovski Project Coordinator
13 Ana Mickovska Raleva Project Coordinator
14 Aneta Trpevska Project Assistant
15 Bore Pucoski Project Assistant
16 Maja Kostova Project Assistant
17 Mitko Pistolov Project Coordinator
18 Ivana Georgievska Project Specialist
19 Ana Mustafova Project Assistant
20 Sara Kajevikj Social Media Coordinator
21 Natasa Ilievska Finance Assistant
22 Svetlana Gasoska Admin and Projects Assistant
23 Elvira Hasan Office Cleaning and Support /